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My design practice explores ideas and motifs using drawing, printmaking, collage and photography in order to create visual statements suitable for a wide range of applications.

I pride myself on creating high quality, original and appropriate contemporary design with out being restricted by context. With over fifteen years of design experience this has resulted in a wide portfolio of experience including producing collections of designs in repeat as well as bespoke graphic design as well as site-specific and large-scale public artworks. The use of digital manipulation has enabled me to develop designs through to production for exterior and interior surfaces.

Mapping, recording and reinterpretation of place are all key triggers in developing design work. There is a sense of British heritage, nature and the everyday in the designs I create. With a joy of pattern, designs are suitable for a wide range of products, applications and markets.

I would be delighted to consider new ventures with companies who appreciate original design, have professional integrity and promise quality.